Submissions for Tamaas

The first issue of Tamaas Time and Movement is now released and ready to accept submissions from our readers. Since Tamaas is a platform of fluidity and exchange it is important for our audience to be active participants in this dialogue. We are looking for multidisciplinary reactions, replies and submissions to the paired works curated in each issue. We are excited to invite our readers in joining us to create this dialogue via any medium or thought process.  For the next two months, the Tamaas editorial group will be reviewing and publishing your submissionsThere are no limits in the number of submissions and our readers can submit to more than one project.

It is important to note that these creative replies respond to our curatorial pairings and should encompass a response to both of the artists’ works. Please send your responses to and include your name and the paired project you are submitting a response to. For film, video and moving image send us a link through vimeo. Direct links to projects on personal websites are also acceptable.

We look forward to receiving your responses.



تماس team